agosto 17, 2012

Azure Deep Dive en Channel 9

Channel 9

Los videos del evento Azure Deep Dive que había anticipado tiempo atrás ya están disponibles en Channel 9, el sitio de la comunidad de desarrollo de Microsoft, editados y en un contexto más terminado.

Quedaron disponibles 4 de las sesiones:


agosto 01, 2012

Last day at Southworks


Yesterday (July 31) was my last day at Southworks, the company I joined four years ago.

I really start this new phase of my career with some sadness, certainly, after finding an awesome group of people, an organization really close to my ideals around software development, and tons of very interesting projects.

I left Southworks with many lessons learned, a passionate development spirit we built in common, and many great friends who shared a lot of exciting work and fun.

But it was time to move on to new challenges. I'm getting involved in several new projects, and I hope to be able to start sharing soon some of the first outcomes from them.

The picture below is from last year's toast, with most of our team at the amazing lounge at the first floor.

Brindis a fin de 2011

Beside sorrow I also keep the satisfaction of having contributed to the growth of such a wonderful company. I will surely keep pushing for it from somewhere else, and with its people (current and former southies).

¡Warm hugs to all of my fellow southies!